Headstone Production Time

      Orders for in stock items will ship 2 weeks after approval of the design. Orders received after hours will begin production the next business day.

    Headstone Delivery Time

        Once your order ships it should arrive within 5-7 business days. NOTE: Delivery times vary based on destination.


      Headstones and Memorials is commited to help you design a fitting tribute for your loved one as easily as possible. Our online designer will walk you through the process. We've outlined some steps below to guide you through this process of using our designer.

      1. Rekindle your best memories.

        A granite headstone is a personalized representation of a life lived well. Take a few moments to remember the achievements, talents and personality traits of your loved one. Jot down some notes to describe the individual's motivations, passions, hobbies ...anything you can think of that represents your loved one's personality.

      2. Customize your Headstone.
        • Select your color. Using your memories and notes to guide you, select the color that best suits your loved one. Stone Colors Include:
        • Select the Size and Thickness of Your Stone. The available sizes of Headstones vary depending on the style you have selected. If you are looking for a size or thickness that is not listed on the site, Contact Us. We are able to order most sizes.
        • Single or Companion. You can select up to 2 people to put on a headstone. If you require more names please Contact Us. We can add as many names as you require (depending on the size of the stone).
        • Inscription Options. The inscription options section will allow you to choose how many lines of text will appear on your design, or in the case of a companion it will also determine the location of last name. If you would like more text then you can fit in the Designer, please add the additional working to the Comments section of the finalize order screen. We can add it into the final design for you.
        • Font. Select the font that you would like the stone to include. The Online Headstone Designer includes the most popular fonts that we offer.
        • Text. Here you will add the name, dates, epitaph and endrearment that describes the life of your loved one. You can choose from our lists of Endearments and Epitaphs, or type your own. NOTE: If you are creating a Companion Marker and one of the people is still alive, please type a space with the space bar in the selected section to make a blank Death Date for that person. Our designers will adjust the location of the date to allow for the death date to be added later.
        • Graphic Positions. You are now ready to choose a graphic or border position to further stylize your memorial. The first step is to decide where on the headstone the graphic should go. You can select No Graphic, Top, Right, Bottom, Left or a Border. Custom designs can be created with the graphics in the specific positiion that you request, including the ability to include more than one image.
        • Graphics. Here you will select a graphic or border from our artwork collection. If you do not find the design that you are looking for please Contact Us. We have a larger collection of artwork available that has not been added to the designer yet.
        • Proofread. Proofread your Headstone layout carefully. Please check your layout carefully for typos and spelling (Including Upper and lower case lettering) before submitting your order. We use the exact text you provide us; because names and words vary in spelling, we DO NOT make spelling corrections or changes for you. NOTE: HeadstonesAndMemorials.com will use the information provided in the order that you submit at the time of payment. All prior designs, wording and dates will not be used to ensure that the Headstone design you pay for will be the one you receive.
      3. Also, the placement of artwork and text on your marker may differ by up to 15 percent in scale from the way it is displayed to you on the website. Any adjustments we make will improve the beauty of your marker. When necessary, we will resize your layout in keeping with industry standards, to enhance the look of your memorial.

        As an example, if you select a border on your headstone, the website's display of your text and graphics may appear cramped. Rest assured, your finished product will not looked cramped at all; we will adjust the balance of the artwork and text appropriately to ensure that you receive a beautiful stone marker.

      4. Finalizing Your Order.

        To finalize your order, you will need to provide the exact shipping address and contact and a credit card OR PayPal account for payment. You do not need a PayPal account, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as PayPal's eCheck. Note that all sales are final.

      Are there any additional fees?

      All Headstone purchased from Headstones and Memorials include Free Shipping, No Per Letter Charge and Sales Tax Included. Additional options that can be added to your order include at your request include:

        • Rush Service - The cost of this service is an additional $150, considerably less than an expedited shipping charge and still get's the stone to you much faster. The time to produce and receive your stone is decreased by up to one week.
        • Expedited Shipping - Cost varies based on size, weight and time of delivery requested.
        • Custom Artwork - Cost varies based on the complexity of the artwork.
        • Ceramic Pictures. Both Color and Black and White pictures are available CLICK HERE for sizes and pricing.

        To Request Additional Services please add your request to the Comments in the Finalize Order screen. If there is a charge, we will contact you separately for payment.

        Please contact us for more information about our products and services.