Rose Bud Vase

Honor the memory of your loved ones with a personalized memorial bud vase. Any purchase exceding $500 will receive a complimentary clear glass bud vase. Each Bud Vase measures 7 1/2" High x 1 3/4" in diameter and features a thick heavy weight bottom. Vases are made from high quality glass and engraved with your choice of design and text. The engraving on the vase is done in the time-honored method of Sandblast Etching, the same method that our headstones are created with. This method of engraving is not only permanent, but gives you the finest, cleanest text and images you can find anywhere. Rose Bud Vases can also be purchased separately for $34.00 each including freight charges. CLICK HERE to purchase a glass Rose Bud Vase.

Please contact us if you would like to order a Bud Vase or additional Bud Vases., offers you a comprehensive selection of premium headstones, memorials and monuments, including design-your-own granite headstones. We are a trusted and stable supplier, and we operate with old-fashioned, family values. It is our mission to bring you the highest quality headstones, memorials and monuments, at a great price. We also offer full custom engraving on our products, so that your finished piece is as unique as the life it represents.

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Create your own custom granite headstone with our Online Headstone Designer. Find great values on our in-stock Specials page. Browse a full selection of quality monuments and Carved Angels on our Catalog page. The choice is yours.

Please accept our sympathies as you make the difficult decision of choosing a proper gravestone or monument for a loved one.

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